World of Tanks Gameplay

World of Tanks, the best online World War 2 with armored tanks, a shooter, simulator and RPG all in one game. The game has a damage system, i.e. your tank can break the chassis when it gets into it or set fire to your fuel tank, break the turret or the barrel. If the undercarriage breaks down, you will not be able to drive; if the tower is damaged, you will not be able to rotate it, etc. In this case, the tank repairs his crew, which may take several seconds. The crew can also be injured (contused), and therefore the effectiveness of your tank will decrease. The crew of a combat vehicle is gaining experience; the more experienced the crew is, the more effective your tank is in combat, with maximum crew training, you can choose additional abilities (perks).

All the famous tanks from WWII are present in the game, some are easy to get and some are classified as premium. Some of the popular names are Maus, Scorpion, T57 HT, VK 72.01 K, AMX 13 90 and much more.

The game is well thought out shooting system. Such a system highlights in the World of tanks the breaking zone, each tank has a forehead, side, feed – armor in these areas is different, and since each gun has its own indicators of armor penetration and damage, you can penetrate or not penetrate the tank armor. Each gun can shoot three different shells. Before playing, read the rules of “World of Tanks”. The most pleasant thing: the cheats or hacks do not work, the game can not be hacked or use any codes. Therefore, you can play without fear that anyone will use cheats, as in a number of fantasy old games.

Physics is done on the highest level, very, very realistic. The graphics are also modern and at a high level. Players play every day and there are already more than 1,200,000 people daily on RU clusters (servers). Despite the beauty of the game, over time, endless tank battles can get bored.

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