What is WordPress?

If you are asking “What is WordPress” then you must be new to the world of blogging. Just like any other blogging sites, WordPress is designed appropriately to your needs. It contains custom features and themes depending on your topic for the day.

For those who are new, blog is considered a contemporary term coined from web and log. It is as simple as logging in information, testimonies, comments, events or anything you want the World Wide Web to know. Just like a diary, where you record meaningful entries in handwritten format on a pad or book, you can now encode your thoughts online using WordPress as your notepad. Through this amazing feat, you are given an option whether or not to publish your journal or you can choose discreetly friends whom you only want to share with.

WordPress is an online broadcasting application where you can write, input and manage materials for reading and watching. WordPress answers the purpose for today’s favorite hobby of self-expression and communication. This is the best medium to expose a composition of you.

It provides an array of features ready to assist you in blogging. There are flipside options that can be added starting with a background theme. There are hundreds of them, from titans, misty looks, choco and lifestyle themes all free and available to use. Additional features, are the sidebar widgets that you can just drag around and place vertical or horizontally. They appear like colorful commercial bars whenever you visit a web page. Aside from themes and widgets, you can upload personal photos via Photobucket or Flicker hosting as well as videos from Youtube.

WordPress does not only play a role for personal intentions. It can also be a lucrative way of starting a business. Remember that the internet is now the most popular midway for marketing consumers. It is a very useful tool for communication whether business or casual. Good thing is, disseminating information internationally is not a problem because in store are 50 native languages ready for use. There are also convenient tags that work like search engines wherein people can click and your blogs come up shortly enabling them to leave comments. WordPress is such a great way to give and exchange information over the net.

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