Sports psychology – skills for performance success

Have ever thought that you could do better? Is there something holding you back? Sports psychology and performance psychology skills provide you with the mental training to perform better in your field and become successful in your chosen area
The techniques of sports psychology and performance coaching will be beneficial to you to achieve what you want out of sport and other performance activities.

The goal of sports psychology is to provide you with the mental training techniques to perform optimally in your chosen performance domain.

These skills will be helpful to you if:

  • You felt you could have done better but stress got the better of you;
  • You have ever felt stressed-out
  • You are having trouble motivating yourself or staying motivated
  • You lack concentration on certain tasks
  • You know that you are good enough but there is a barrier to achieving your success, or
  • You just want to become better and more efficient at what you already do quite well.

Everyday sports psychologists work with people who want to become better at what they are doing. These people come from all walks of life – opera singers, musicians, ballet dancers, ballroom dancers, airline pilots, courtroom lawyers, medical practitioners, Year 12 school students, gymnasts, footballers – in fact, people who just want to perform at their best.

Performance coaching is not restricted just to elite performers. In fact, performance of any kind can be improved – perhaps you want to improve your interview skills so that you can get the dream job, or maybe you want to be able to speak in public with confidence, whether it be a one-off occasion such as a wedding, or speaking publicly on a more regular basis.

Another area that is stressful for many people is being evaluated through examinations or auditions, whether they be practical or written. There are a number of strategies that can enhance the preparation and sitting of exams that are important to you, whether it be in the performing arts, or as a hospital registrar, a university student, or a high school student.

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