Some of The Best Christmas Songs

Christmas is a day in the calendar where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This is the day when Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem by his virgin mother Mary the wife to be of Joseph. During the Christmas season, Christians are always in a happy mood as they reflect on how miraculous the birth of Jesus was. Christmas is usually celebrated on every 25th of December every year to mark Christ’s birth.

There are several things that are done during the Christmas season. There are usually many chorals just for Christmas, people decorate their houses with the Christmas tree, snow man is usually created especially by children, church services are held in honor of Jesus Christ and people take this time to remember those that are less privileged in the society.

One thing that clearly shows that it is the Christmas season is the Christmas carols. There are many Christmas songs but I will focus on the Christmas songs top list. These songs simply bring a warm feeling in your heart and a smile on your face. There are different criterias that were used to come up with the Christmas songs top 10 list and the best was by asking people around. The best thing about this method is that you get to hear the views of the recipients of the music and this way, you can judge it better.

After talking to several Christmas shoppers, these songs made it to the Christmas songs top 10 list. Bing Crosby made it to the first spot with his song, white Christmas. What mainly contributed to this success were his warm sweet voice and the wonderful lyrics. This song just puts you into the perfect Christmas mood. Band aid made it to the 2nd spot with the song do they know it’s Christmas time? The Christmas song was rated 3rd in the Christmas songs top 10 list. This song was sung by Nat King Cole.

Christmas Songs Top

Other songs that made it to the Christmas songs top 10 list were Blue Christmas by Elvis, merry Christmas everybody by Slade, winter wonderland by Doris day, Last Christmas by wham, Let it snow by Dean martin, have yourself a merry little Christmas and finally, peace on earth by Bing Crosby. You can find and download free Christmas music online, there are a lot of websites such as and a lot of music to choose from.

These songs made it to the Christmas songs top 10 list and as you may have observed, Bing Crosby must have been the favorite.

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