Misconceptions About Steroids

When it comes to controversial subjects, there are few that cause a bigger firestorm than anabolic steroids. After all, if there is anything that is loved and admired in our culture, it is the world of professional sports.

And for years now, professional sports have kept anabolic steroids squarely in the limelight, with athletes coming under fire for using steroids, being handed lengthy suspensions and fines, and so forth. Nearly every major sport seems to have struggles with how to deal with the ongoing use of anabolic steroids. In fact, many misconceptions about steroids started with a rather sensationalistic media approach to their use that started decades ago. For many people, their first exposure to anabolic steroids was the famous Sports Illustrated cover story about Lyle Alzado, a former pro football player who died from a brain tumor that he claimed came from over 20 years of continuous steroid use. The message became clear: if you use steroids, you die, right? Yet, since then, many people have used steroids and seemed to be no worse for the wear.

Over time, the stance became less of “we can’t let you use steroids because they’re dangerous” and more of “we can’t let you use steroids because it’s unfair for your competitors.” No matter your stance on whether steroids should be allowed in professional sports, whether or not their use is medically dangerous in all situations is a much different debate. So, which is it? Are steroids too dangerous to use, or do they work so well that they shouldn’t be used out of fairness? It seems unlikely that both could be true, after all. Furthermore, people assume that steroids are a “one size fits all” thing, as if there is a bottle people get that just says “Steroids” on it and does the same thing for everybody. The fact is that there are many different steroids with many different purposes. Some help with muscle recovery and growth to help you to get bigger and stronger, sure. But others are specifically for recovering from injuries, and others are for losing fat to create a leaner look.

Another frustrating misconception about steroids is that they magically give you muscles. Even steroids that help facilitate muscle growth are not going to generate muscles on their own. You cannot just buy steroids, inject it into your body and sit on the couch, expecting to get bigger. Steroids are not for lazy people. The only place where you can buy steroids in Canada is online from reputable websites such as PGAnabolics.comĀ  with proven quality.

Quite the opposite, actually. Steroids allow your body to recover faster and rebuild faster after strenuous workouts. That means that what they really do is simply allow you to work out harder, more often, and more effectively with less breaks in between. If you are not going to be an absolute animal in the weight room, gym, or on the field, there is little use for such an “advantage”. While the jury is still out on some of the actual dangers or benefits of various types of anabolic steroids, one thing is clear, and that is that misunderstanding what they actually do (and don’t do) does not help anyone. Furthermore, whether you are a bodybuilder, an athlete, or just a sports fan who wants to understand what all the controversy is about, it is important to know what you are talking about if you want people to respect your opinion.

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