Looking for the best scratching posts for cats?

Need something to stop your beloved cats from ruining your future? You’re at the right place. On this website you’ll find my unbiased cat scratching post reviews as well other useful tips on preventing cat scratching.

In the wild, cats keep their claws sharp to defend themselves or to catch their prey. They do this by scratching on the bark of a nearby tree or other fibrous object. Although a house cat is fed by its owner and if indoors doesn’t need to defend itself, it may have a natural inclination to sharpen its claws.

It may do this by scratching couch or chair corners, the carpet, shelving or doorways. In order to keep a house cat from ruining furniture by doing what it’s natural inclination tells it to, a cat owner should buy a scratching post for cats.

When considering a scratching post for cats, the individual cat needs to be thought of. What does it tend to scratch on most, a carpet or a wooden table leg? What position is it usually in when it scratches? And does the cat scratch many different things, or does it return to scratch the same object each time?

Ideally, a cat owner would have more than one scratching post in the house, and will make each one different for the cat to use as it pleases. A cat needs to use scratching posts not only to shed the claws’ sheathes, but so that it can stretch its feline muscles that make it so flexible and agile.

There are many different types of scratching posts for cats. There are, of course, the regular scratching posts for cats that stand straight up in a cylindrical style. Recently, the most recommended type of post-style scratching tool is made of sisal fabric, which has a deep, fibrous, vertical texture up and down the pole.

It is called the Smart cat ultimate scratching post and was developed by Smart Cat.  Also providing vertical texture, it is made of wood, so it very closely approximates the natural experience of using a tree in the wild. The other option for vertical scratching posts for cats is to house a real tree and make it accessible to the cat to use for scratching.

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