Get Your Kids a Bubble Machine

Bubble machines are a great source of entertainment for children, what child doesn’t love watching bubbles float on a breeze. They can keep toddlers transfixed and give children hours of fun, even some pets enjoy chasing them.

As we grow older we never really lose our love of bubbles. They are perfect for adding the wow factor at parties, discos or a barbeque in the backyard.

It’s pretty easy to get burnt out, trying to produce a continual flow of bubbles for the kids, this is where the machines come in. There are lots of models and they vary in shape size and output. From a few bubbles every four or five seconds to entertain the kids, or a constant stream for parties.

How a bubble machine works is very simple. There are a number of wands that are rotated slowly by a motor. These then pass through a reservoir usually at the bottom of the machine which holds the bubble solution.

The wands pick up some of the solution and then rotate towards the top of the machine. A fan situated behind, blows air through the wand to create the bubble. As you can see it’s just automating the manual process of a wand and bubble solution.

Machines are user friendly and adding fluid is usually just a case of topping up the reservoir. Most of the bubble fluid for the machines is a water based composition. This means they will not leave an oily residue on furniture or clothing like the old style fluid. Some cleaning may be needed after use to keep the machine in a good working condition.

Portability is not a problem as even a middle of the range machine for parties only weighs about 7lb. Wall or ceiling mounting is also an option on some mid range machines. Power supply depends on the model, kids machines are usually just battery, others are a power supply unit, or mains. Some models have a combination of battery and mains. If you are looking to buy one, at you can find the best bubble machines for kids, with product reviews and best deals.

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