Finding and Buying Tax Free Cigarettes and Cigars

Whenever I need to purchase some cigarettes, cigars or rolling papers, I always turn to the Internet. With certain online duty free websites, it is possible to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products, without having to pay taxes or shipping fees. Of course, I don’t like waiting for my items to be shipped, but the value is definitely worth the wait.

My Preferences

As a smoker, I have my own personal preference. Although I have experimented with a variety of different brands, I no longer do. I cannot make it through the day without Kool cigarettes. I’ve tried others and they just do not do it for me. When I want to purchase my Kool cigarettes, I head on over to – Online Duty Free Shop. The website offers a variety of other bands as well including Newport, Winston, Marlboro and Pall Mall.

Avoiding Shipping Costs

When I shop online, I personally feel like I am being ripped off, if I have to pay shipping fees. Although many websites offer free shipping, they also take their sweet time shipping their items. Over the years, I have found this to be true with a number of different websites. However, I have discovered that offers free shipping and they don’t wait around to ship their orders. All of my orders have been received within an appropriate amount of time.

Duty Free

A pack of Kool cigarettes generally costs me five or six dollars. This can become quite expensive over time. Therefore, I am always looking for ways to purchase my tobacco products at a discount. By purchasing my tobacco products online, I can do so without having to pay taxes, which is a significant help. When shopping online, I can buy a carton of my brand for fewer than thirty-five dollars. Add this to the free shipping and duty free sell and I am getting a major bargain.