Looking for the best scratching posts for cats?

Need something to stop your beloved cats from ruining your future? You’re at the right place. On this website you’ll find my unbiased cat scratching post reviews as well other useful tips on preventing cat scratching.

In the wild, cats keep their claws sharp to defend themselves or to catch their prey. They do this by scratching on the bark of a nearby tree or other fibrous object. Although a house cat is fed by its owner and if indoors doesn’t need to defend itself, it may have a natural inclination to sharpen its claws.

It may do this by scratching couch or chair corners, the carpet, shelving or doorways. In order to keep a house cat from ruining furniture by doing what it’s natural inclination tells it to, a cat owner should buy a scratching post for cats.

When considering a scratching post for cats, the individual cat needs to be thought of. What does it tend to scratch on most, a carpet or a wooden table leg? What position is it usually in when it scratches? And does the cat scratch many different things, or does it return to scratch the same object each time?

Ideally, a cat owner would have more than one scratching post in the house, and will make each one different for the cat to use as it pleases. A cat needs to use scratching posts not only to shed the claws’ sheathes, but so that it can stretch its feline muscles that make it so flexible and agile.

There are many different types of scratching posts for cats. There are, of course, the regular scratching posts for cats that stand straight up in a cylindrical style. Recently, the most recommended type of post-style scratching tool is made of sisal fabric, which has a deep, fibrous, vertical texture up and down the pole.

It is called the Smart cat ultimate scratching post and was developed by Smart Cat.  Also providing vertical texture, it is made of wood, so it very closely approximates the natural experience of using a tree in the wild. The other option for vertical scratching posts for cats is to house a real tree and make it accessible to the cat to use for scratching.

Cat Dehydration

It is always important to provide your cat with an ample supply of fresh drinking water. Even if your cat eats a diet that consists mainly of water fortified canned food, it still needs the benefits that drinking water can provide. Water is vital to all aspects of metabolism.

Elderly Cats

As felines age, they may develop a decreased sensitivity to thirst and not drink as much water as they need. This could aggravate kidney disease and other internal problems.

If this is a problem for your elderly feline, you should consult your veterinarian in order to develop a treatment suitable for your cat’s individual needs.

What To Look For

To monitor for decreased water intake, watch for prolonged stress, heat, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. A sick cat may fail to drink enough water to satisfy its body’s requirements and is therefore susceptible to dehydration. Another symptom of dehydration is if your cat shows a marked decrease in urine and saliva production. There is this article on Shared that will teach you what food you should never give your cat.


If dehydration is not treated, it can lead to the death of your cat. You may be able to give your cat water through the use of a syringe, but it is best to take the cat to a vet for examination, especially since dehydration usually accompanies other serious health problems in cats.

An average cat needs about six to seven ounces of water daily to maintain health.

Nerdy Dog Names for Your Pup

Many technology people like me want to reflect their passion for technology on behalf of their dog. Nerdy dog names can take different forms, such as computer names, comic names, movie names or television names. You can look for a name that everyone recognizes as Vader (Star Wars) or something recognizable only to other geeks like Redmond (Microsoft headquarters location). The key to choosing good names is to get something that you are passionate about and do not mind screaming in the park.

For any of these names, you will want to make sure you do not get too involved. Using a name that is too long will be harder for your dog to learn and harder to say when you need to get the attention of your pet.

Techie Dog Names

These names are based on your favorite technology team. For computer names, these may include things like Mac, Cupertino, Byte or Java. What kind of technology do you work with every day? It can be a great name for a dog.

Keep in mind that the technology is outdated much faster than your dog, so try not to pick something that will be obsolete (unless it has nostalgic value). Something classic like the Mac might be great, but if you went with Zune, you may have regretted it. You want a name that lasts for at least a decade, so keep that in mind.

Comic Dog Names

Comic names are a perfect opportunity to get something unique and tailored specifically for you. You can choose something that most people know as Hulk or Rogue, or something that not everyone will recognize as a comic name like Parker or Harley. These names can also be a great opportunity for humor (like using Hulk or Thor for a small dog).

Find your favorite comics to get a list of names and see if something sounds like something you’d like to call your dog. There are a lot more cool comic dog names to choose online – click here to find out more.

Names Relating to Video Games

There are many great names in your favorite video games. Try something classic like Mario, Link or Zelda or something new like Eve or Drake. Match the character’s personality with your dog. A cute little dog could work well with Yoshi, while a large, sturdy dog works best with Bowser. Again, as mentioned with the names of the techie dogs, something classic like Atari might be great, but if you go with NeoGeo, you may have regretted it. You want a name that lasts for at least a decade, so keep that in mind.

Movie Names & TV Names

Another great opportunity for nerdy dog names exists here. Choose your favorite movie or TV show and think about the names of the characters. The names of science fiction dogs can be particularly good, like Yoda, Spock or Starbuck. Otherwise, you can get good names from other programs like Buffy, Sansa, Garth or Chuck. Run a dog name search for TV theme categories or movies to get some ideas.