Co Parenting Tips Post Divorce

One of the best ways to prepare for life as a co-parent after divorce is to elect mediation for the management of your marriage dissolution. In mediation, you and your spouse are not encouraged to prepare for battle against one another. This can help to repair communication skills and lay the groundwork for positive interaction post-divorce. Rather than working with an attorney, you work with a third party mediator whose job it is to guide conversation and help you all work together.

It’s possible to have a positive or at least civil relationship with the other parent where you children are involved. This is in the best interest of children, who will continue to see you interact as long as there are shared custody arrangements or joint visitation needs. Learning how to work together and playing more of a role in designing your divorce arrangement is in your best interests, too. Agreements made through mediation tend to be far more flexible than those given out in court, so you’re more likely to walk away satisfied with the outcome.

Benefiting from consistency is one such outcome. Rather than having a schedule that rotates on odd schedules, you can set up a regular schedule in your mediation agreement that is simple to follow and leaves no room for confusion. Consistency makes it easier for children to cope with change, too. It goes beyond the schedule, too. Similar discipline, rules and rewards between the separate households keep it consistent with both parents and for children to know what is expected and what is unacceptable.

Make sure you have another forum for dealing with your feelings. Talking it over in front of children is not healthy for them or for you. Of course, you are going to deal with frustration and your own set of emotions over the marriage ending, but try to have your own outlet for that. Take up walking with a friend, an exercise class, or even setting aside some time for yourself every once in a while so that you can decompress and keep your kids out of the fray. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are able to do this, too, the environment will be better for everyone.

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That being said, determine the best avenue for communication in your mediation sessions. Do not rely on children to carry messages back and forth. This is not good for them or for you.

What is a Family Trust and Do You Need One?

Many times we hear the rich talk about using a trust or getting money from their trust fund, but these family trusts can be assessable to anyone who wishes to protect their family and are excellent for planning your estate and keeping your hard earned money for your family.

A well-planned trust allows you the comfort of knowing your estate will be executed promptly and correctly based on your wishes. Most importantly, a trust helps avoid probate which exposes your assets to unnecessary taxes and takes months to execute. Also, a trust can prevent your home from being sold to pay for creditors and taxes. You can also specify who gets what; this is especially important if you have children from a previous relationship and want to protect their inheritance.

The best part is the protection you have against costly inheritance taxes which could easily eat up money you’ve worked all your life for. Don’t worry – it’s not a way to cheat the government. In fact, setting up a family trust fund is highly recommended by tax officials and a smart way to ensure your assets are properly distributed.

Do you need one? For most people with families and assets such as a home or financial portfolio – YES! It does cost a bit more than a will, but the advantages are totally stacked in your favor. And the best time to set it up is now. Visit a few estate planners or estate attorneys in Surrey and find the person with whom you feel most comfortable. Direct Wills Trusts Surrey are the best attorneys in Surrey and you can learn more about them and their services at their website – Bring your records and plan time to lay everything out. The estate planner will gather all the information and organize a family trust that meets your needs.

Finally, you may want to select the estate planner as your trustee who will distribute your estate or you may want to appoint someone who is close to you. Either way, make sure they understand the responsibilities and are willing to put forth the effort to see your trust through. Mostly importantly, avoid procrastinating. Make the call and set a date to protect your family long after you’ve gone.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is a procedure whereby the neutral presence and participation of a third party helps bring conflicting family members to a mutual agreement or settlement. It is vital that a family mediator is trained in conflict resolution as well as in working with difficult and demanding situations. The ability to work with the emotional and relationship aspects of a case goes hand in hand with the relevant topical issues of the situation.

The main aim as a neutral body, Family mediation Miams – the family mediator, rather than giving legal advice, is there simply to guide the parties involved through various possible solutions to the dispute by way of a problem solving process. Family mediation can offer or suggest alternative solutions to a conflict or dispute within the family circle, thereby enabling the parties involved to find an approach to the resolution of the matter in a way that best suits them as an individual.

On the legal front it is usual for court hearings of specific cases to occur in the public arena, whereas whatever happens or is said during a family mediation process remains strictly confidential. So much so, the third party mediator will destroy all notes made once an agreement or settlement has been arrived at. Confidentiality is considered of such importance that in the majority of cases the legal system cannot force mediators to testify in court regarding the content or development of a mediation. The only exceptions to this would be if the case involved child abuse or criminal acts either actual or threatened.

Clients can be given information about the law by a mediator; however, the neutral party cannot give legal advice to anyone as to what to actually do in any given circumstance. Often a less expensive avenue to follow for resolution of a dispute, family meditation is often chosen over that of standard legal channels. Whilst a case filed in court can take months or even years to come to a definite or earnest conclusion, the mediation process takes far less time with resolutions sometimes achieved in a matter of just a few hours. Although a mediator’s fees can in some instances be comparable to that of a solicitor, the fact that family mediation takes far less time to reach accordance or agreement means that less money is spent on hourly costs and fees.

Trained primarily to work with people whose relationships have broken down, Family mediation Miams mediators come from a wide range of backgrounds including the legal profession, healthcare, and especially those occupations that deal specifically with children and families. Parents and children undergoing family change and disruption can benefit enormously by way of family mediation, especially so where this has happened as a result of divorce, separation or family restructuring. Families in conflict or dispute can be persuaded to communicate more effectually with each other as well as consider those options that will help them work through their particular differences. Mediation within the family helps parents make their own arrangements and plans for the future, this being particularly important when children are involved.

How a Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

Law enforcement officials are getting more efficient than ever, with cameras, radar technology, sobriety checkpoints and other methods to nab drivers who run red lights when they are in a hurry or lose track of the speed limit on a road where it changes frequently.

In an era of economic difficulty and slashed city and county budgets, it’s no wonder that local officials are turning towards traffic tickets as a new golden goose of revenue. A recent Washington Post article revealed that the District of Columbia has raised millions of dollars through an increase in traffic ticket writing. That’s good news for municipal budgets and bad news for drivers, even careful and law-abiding ones.

The fact is: if you run a red light when making a left turn in a busy intersection, for instance, a camera will have a photo of your license plate before you get through the traffic mess. A few days later, you will receive a traffic ticket with a hefty fine in the mail, even if you were well into the intersection when the light was yellow.

At times like these, you might wonder if there is any relief in the legal system for drivers who are facing increased fines and citations.

Yes, there is, in the form of traffic lawyers, who are matching wits with the recent push to give out more tickets and collect more fines.

Even if you do not believe that you have any sort of case in traffic court, a competent traffic lawyer can help you to avoid the maximum fine, points off your license or even license suspension. These traffic lawyers have kept up to date with changes in the law and are eager to help their clients battle a system that seems to be increasingly rigged against them.