How To Get A US Student Visa

Persons who want to study in the US but are not US citizens require a US student visa to qualify for admission into the States. The United States Department of State issues visas through their consulates and embassies abroad. These documents are primarily supposed to show that the US government has allowed the stated person to enter the US for furtherance of their studies in the case of students. It is however important to note that this does not mean that the person is guaranteed entry into the US. Below we will look at the main aspects of obtaining a US student visa.

Who Qualifies for a Student Visa?

Students who want to study in USA from Europe , for example, have to qualify for student visas. There are different types of student visas that demonstrate the varying types of students who qualify for the same.

The F-1 student visa is mainly required for students who want to study in the US in an academic institution. These institutions include accredited US Colleges and Universities or intensive English language institutes.

The M-1 student visa provides for students who want to go to the US for non-academic studies. These are mainly offered to students looking to attend vocational studies in the US.

Another variation of student visas is the J-1 student visa. This visa is offered to students on an exchange program to the US. The programs covered include both high school and university exchange programs.

Ways to Apply for a Student Visa

Students who want to apply for a student visa should do so online and also in person by visiting the US embassy or consulate in their resident country for an interview. It is important to note that the procedure followed during applications can vary from country to country as determined by the local embassy/consulate.