Building high-performance landing pages

Landing pages are webpages designed to increase sales, or simply to convert a targeted user into a client. Not focusing on landing pages means significantly reducing the possibility of conversion. In order to be effective, landing pages must meet the following requirements: have a good emotional impact, guide the user into performing the action desired, be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compatible and show good contents in order to obtain both a good quality score by adwords for the essential keywords for the campaign and to get the user to call an action.

Nowadays more and more adw.(adwords) advertising campaigns are not very profitable since they do not have landing pages which can quickly communicate the offer to the user, who is proposing, and the advantages, in a persuasive and convincing way. It is important that the client gets all the information concerning the offer and that he “purchases” the service directly on the landing page, so it will not take him any longer to make his decision.

There is little time for convincing the user to call an action (purchase or fill out a form) , about 8 seconds, this means it is very important to create the page so the message is clear and simple. In short, the only protagonist of communication must be the product or the service, in order to make just one decision, conversion.

The content must be comprehensive, the more information we give our client the more credible the message, and more confidence is inspired. Another important element is the tone of the message which must be as targeted, informal and colloquial as possible: in other words, everything, from the header to the footer, must induce the user to perform the act of conversion.

The form, in case of a request for information, must contain as least fields as possible, in order to make the flow of conversion simple and intuitive. A form with too much information will discourage the user and, therefore, make the landing page non-profit-bearing.

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