Be Aware of Moving Scams: Hire a Dependable Chicago Moving Company

If you are planning on moving to and from the Chicago area, you may encounter some moving anomalies either posted on local boards or online. Those scams usually involve unprofessional moving companies acting as legitimate one.

When you encounter a moving service provider online, it is highly advised that you conduct thorough background checks and evaluate each and every Chicago moving firm. You may want to personally talk to one of their representatives. In addition to speaking to their representative personally, you can also research their company through online forums and message boards. With the click of the mouse, you can search various resources that include feedback and recommendations from their previous clients.

One of the numerous moving service provider scams that you may encounter is overcharging. To avoid this from occurring, you are advised to get at least three quotes from different moving companies. This may need a home visit from the Chicago moving firm selected. The home visit will be used to evaluate how many items to be moved, resulting in a more precise cost estimate. Obtaining the price you were quoted will safeguard you if you fall prey to the scam. Majority of these con artists increase the rate of your move after your valuables are loaded to their truck. When this is done, they will threaten you that they will not release your items until you pay what they require you.

When seeking for a dependable Chicago moving service provider, it is also recommended that you ask how long the moving process will take. If you are planning to hire a Chicago long distance movers, the move may take awhile; however, this will not take more than a week to be completed. Many scam moving companies will take more than a week in this example. You will find news reports online that other scammers took three to four months to deliver their items. You need a written guarantee to safeguard you from this kind of irregularity.

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