What You Need to Know About Having a High-risk Merchant Account?

There are certain business types in the business industry that can be considered as risky. Some companies that provide card processing have turned down merchants because they have been considered as high-risk merchant. The good thing is that there are still companies that accept high risk merchant account processing.

A company has certain guidelines they use in order to come up with the decision on whether or not to accept you. The lesser strict those guidelines are, the higher chance you have to gain a high-risk merchant account. Another way is to find a provider that specializes in creating account for high-risk merchants.

What is a high risk merchant account?

It is an account used for the processing of credit card. It is an alternative way that high-risk business found in cases the bank has closed their previous accounts or has considered their business as too risky.

What makes you a high risk merchant?

  • The main reason for you to be a high-risk merchant is if you have a high-risk business. Service providers have their own way of measuring how risky your business is.
  • Another reason could be that the industries you belong have very high cases of fraud or have higher chargeback from other industries. The chances are, the providers would not accept your application.
  • Another one might be because you have a bad credit, low credit score or just starting up your business.
  • Another case is if the business had a bankruptcy history.
  • Another reason for your business to be considered risky is if your previous merchant account has been terminated by the bank.
  • Businesses whose clients and products are delivered internationally are also considered as high-risk. The main reason for this one is that they have an international client base. So if you are selling CBD oil online, you will need a high risk CBD merchant account

In other words, there are several reasons for providers to consider you as high-risk. Providers also choose the business they want to deal with because they are also afraid to lose money from doing business with you.

Hiring a Maid: Questions You Need to Resolve

There are several ways in which you can go about hiring a maid. You can hire one out of the local paper, you can hire a friend to come in and do some cleaning, or you can use a professional service. For a number of reasons, using a professional service is typically the best method. There’s a certain level of competency, trust, and proficiency you get with one of these services that you can’t expect from a random person from the classifieds. Hiring a friend can be a recipe for disaster. No matter how you choose to hire someone to come in and clean, however, here are some questions you should resolve first.

How Can I Trust You?

There are few jobs that require you to put as much trust in the employee as a maid. In many cases, homeowners have to leave their keys with their cleaning person, giving them ample opportunity to steal, invade your privacy, and more. This is a real risk when you hire on your own. It is much less of a risk when you hire from a professional cleaning service. Still, not all professional services are created equally. Make sure the one you choose has your protection and safety at the forefront of their concerns.

Will You Do As I Ask?

This is a big one and may need to be asked in a more diplomatic way. Nonetheless, it can be important. Is the maid service you’re hiring going to come into your home, perform the “$100 special” and leave it at that? Or are they open to communicating with their clients? If you don’t really care one way or the other, it may not matter. If you have specific things you want done in specific ways, however, you need to hire someone who will listen to your requests.

How Do I Prepare?

Some maid services will come in and clean your house even if you’re holding a clothing-optional séance in the living room. Others—perhaps most others—have a few more restrictions. One of the main ones to remember is that these services aren’t designed to have people come out and clean up your kids’ toys and organize your desk. They are there to vacuum, wash windows, and perform other duties of that sort. Try to make sure they can move around the house so they can get the job done efficiently.

What If Something Gets Broken?

You should bring this up before it happens. While any good maid service will do everything they can to see that your belongings are protected, accidents happen. Make sure there is an acceptable policy in place for that eventuality.

Maid Service to Ease the Burden of a Busy Life

From household cleaning to simple errands, you can remove a lot from your plate and still maintain your sanity. Hiring this type of help is not reserved for the very wealthy or those who are part of the upper echelon of society. A maid service exists to provide help to families from all walks of life.

Sometimes you might need to hire a maid service temporarily. If you are severely ill or have a debilitating sickness, you might need help on a part time or as-needed basis. Unless you have close friends or family nearby, you may not have anyone else that can help you with simple tasks such as laundry, dusting, dishes or grocery shopping. Having a trusted professional help you with these matters can ease the stress and frustration you may feel.

A maid service is also available as a regularly scheduled part of your life. If you have a busy schedule or a large family (or both) you may find that hiring someone to stay on top of the housekeeping and errand running can be a significant boon to you. Not having to worry about folding that last load of laundry or running by the grocery store for a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread can free up a lot of time in your day and allow you to do things that you really want to do.

You may think that you cannot afford maid service, but consider what you will gain by hiring someone to care for the smaller details of day to day things. If you have someone to cook meals and take care of laundry, then you can spend more time with your children and your spouse. If you do not have to worry about scrubbing the bathroom, then you will not be likely to panic when an unexpected guest drops by. You may be surprised at how valuable the extra set of hands can be.

If you are considering hiring this type of domestic help, make a list of your needs before the initial consultation. Jot down what you need done and how you expect for it to be handled. This will enable the provider to give you an accurate estimate and fee structure. By clearly communicating your needs and expectations you will be better served and more pleased with the results.

Small Business SEO

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The Marketing1on1 SEO company quotes practical fees to its clients depending upon the time that the organic SEO process would take. Mostly, the prices are on a 6 months basis; thus furnishing clients with practical solutions and cost effective ways to get great rankings and thereby denser traffic.

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The company not only focuses on quality optimization techniques, but also great customer service. It has been provisioning sparkling services to its clients over the last couple of years. Taking a company’s success as its own fortune the Marketing1on1 small business SEO company remits outstanding support to many clients in United States.

Inclined and Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined and vertical platform wheelchair lifts are of great help to the physically disabled and wheelchair confined individuals. These devices enable them to surmount their physical barriers by providing easy and safe access to the different areas of their homes and commercial settings.

Perfect Accessibility Option that Suits All Stairway Models

To offer the physically challenged effortless movement on stairways, inclined and vertical platform wheelchair lifts are available in a range of models suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Inclined piattaforme elevatrici can be used in all limited spaced public buildings including churches, small offices and schools that cannot accommodate elevators or vertical platform lifts. They can be used in straight, curved and spiral stairways without making architectural alterations. These lifts are integrated with advanced technology and premium safety measures. The extremely sensitive obstruction sensors incorporated detect the objects blocking the path and immediately stops the lift. Thus any possibility of the user getting injured and the lift being damaged is avoided.

The other security features included are platform placed operating controls, safety brakes, automatic access ramps and grab rails. The optional remote controls help to fold the power fold platforms and key locks prevent the lift from unauthorized usage. Since these are provided with battery backups, they can be operated even during power breakdowns.

Provides Easy Access in Multistoried Establishments

Vertical platform wheelchair lifts provide mobility impaired people easy access to the various floors of a multistoried building. Various models suitable for outdoor and indoor usage in residences and commercial establishments are available. In educational institutions this lift model helps the physically disabled individuals to access the lecture hallway and elevated platforms easily and comfortably. Vertical platform lifts are designed with safety features including

– Antiskid floor surface
– Emergency stop controls
– Emergency brake
– Manual lowering device
– Under-panel safety sensor
– Continuous pressure controls

For purchasing reliable models of wheelchair lifts it would be best to depend on leading suppliers in the industry. Platform wheelchair lifts provide freedom of mobility for individuals with disabilities.

Excellent Debt Relief Programs to Get Rid of Debts

It has been observed that most of the debtors facing biggest challenges are that understand the numerous debt relief programs available to them. With many options available, how does a debtor know which debt relief program is the right one of their specific debt challenges. The situation becomes increasingly complicated when one realizes that more often than not a combination of debt relief strategies are necessary to resolve what is often a persons complex combinations of debts like mortgages, credit cards, student loans, medical bills and many more. At this point, most of the people are interested to obtain some free debt consolidation to get rid of debts. There are many credit card debt consultants are available in the internet, and you can avail their help by selecting the best program for your needs.

Some of the free debt consolidation consultants, understanding the consumer debt relief strategies and they are providing a custom debt relief plan. They are created a best plat by sifting through the strategies and companies offering help to identify the good ones from the bad ones, and more importantly separating the scams from the legitimate debt relief programs. What follows is a list of the common debt relief strategies and brief description of each.

Unfortunately too many people chose to do nothing option, and it is the worst mistake a person can make. The first step towards resolving any problem is admitting that one exists in the first place. Doing nothing is certainly the most expensive and detrimental option.

The debtor obtains a loan from a single organization that is used to pay back some or all of the debtor’s debts. Now the debtor has a single loan repayment to the lender, ideally with a reasonable interest rate. The debt principal is paid in full, but the debtor achieves the convenience of a single repayment on the loan, and ideally interest savings.

One of the problems with Debt Consolidation Loans is qualifying for the loan in the first place and/or having to put collateral up for the loan, like a loan against one’s home. That puts the home at risk if payments are missed. Finally, there are some well established and experienced websites that are offering these free debt consolidations to their clients. For more information and details about this simple solution, please do not hesitate to visit their valuable website.

Sous Vide Equipment – What You Need To Start Sous Vide Cooking At Home

Sous Vide is French for under vacuum and is a unique way to cook food. As the name suggests, the food is cooked in a vacuum which sounds very intricate and complicated but is actually quite simple. The food is vacuum sealed in plastic and then cooked in a water bath that has a constant temperature. There are a number of benefits in this technique but two that immediately spring to mind are that it is a healthier way to cook food and gives the food a unique texture. So if you are keen to give this cooking technique a go what Sous Vide equipment do you need?

Essentially you need 2 pieces of equipment to try this cooking technique at home.

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The first is a vacuum sealer machine. You’ve probably seen these machines before as they have other applications outside of sous vide cooking. Folks use a vacuum sealer appliance to seal food for storing in the freezer or even to keep food fresh when traveling.

For sous vide cooking, the vacuum sealer will remove all the air surrounding a piece of food and then seal the plastic cover around the food. This makes it ready for cooking. Vacuum sealers work best with solid foodstuffs but don’t work as well with liquids like soups or sauces as the process of sucking out the air draws out the liquid too. So with liquids, the vacuum seal is not really a vacuum.

Apparently you can get machines that do vacuum seal liquids but they are far more expensive. These are chamber vacuum sealers that eliminate the air in a chamber. Placing a bag of liquid in the chamber allows the pressure to be constant inside and outside of the bag. This makes it possible to vacuum seal liquid filled bags.

The second piece of equipment that you need is a water bath. These days you can get a purpose built water bath for sous vide cooking. It’s called the supreme and a demi model is also available. This is a home appliance that makes it easy for home cooks to try this cooking technique. You simply set the water temperature and time and dunk your vacuum seal food items into the bath. It cooks slowly and produces a uniquely textured and flavored meal.

Other ways to create a water bath without having a bespoke product is to use an immersion circulator. This is an element that can be placed into a container of water to heat it up by convectional heating of the water. It achieves a constant temperature throughout the volume of water ensuring that the food gets cooked completely.

Immersion circulators are more expensive than a supreme water bath and are harder to use.

Nerdy Dog Names for Your Pup

Many technology people like me want to reflect their passion for technology on behalf of their dog. Nerdy dog names can take different forms, such as computer names, comic names, movie names or television names. You can look for a name that everyone recognizes as Vader (Star Wars) or something recognizable only to other geeks like Redmond (Microsoft headquarters location). The key to choosing good names is to get something that you are passionate about and do not mind screaming in the park.

For any of these names, you will want to make sure you do not get too involved. Using a name that is too long will be harder for your dog to learn and harder to say when you need to get the attention of your pet.

Techie Dog Names

These names are based on your favorite technology team. For computer names, these may include things like Mac, Cupertino, Byte or Java. What kind of technology do you work with every day? It can be a great name for a dog.

Keep in mind that the technology is outdated much faster than your dog, so try not to pick something that will be obsolete (unless it has nostalgic value). Something classic like the Mac might be great, but if you went with Zune, you may have regretted it. You want a name that lasts for at least a decade, so keep that in mind.

Comic Dog Names

Comic names are a perfect opportunity to get something unique and tailored specifically for you. You can choose something that most people know as Hulk or Rogue, or something that not everyone will recognize as a comic name like Parker or Harley. These names can also be a great opportunity for humor (like using Hulk or Thor for a small dog).

Find your favorite comics to get a list of names and see if something sounds like something you’d like to call your dog. There are a lot more cool comic dog names to choose online – click here to find out more.

Names Relating to Video Games

There are many great names in your favorite video games. Try something classic like Mario, Link or Zelda or something new like Eve or Drake. Match the character’s personality with your dog. A cute little dog could work well with Yoshi, while a large, sturdy dog works best with Bowser. Again, as mentioned with the names of the techie dogs, something classic like Atari might be great, but if you go with NeoGeo, you may have regretted it. You want a name that lasts for at least a decade, so keep that in mind.

Movie Names & TV Names

Another great opportunity for nerdy dog names exists here. Choose your favorite movie or TV show and think about the names of the characters. The names of science fiction dogs can be particularly good, like Yoda, Spock or Starbuck. Otherwise, you can get good names from other programs like Buffy, Sansa, Garth or Chuck. Run a dog name search for TV theme categories or movies to get some ideas.

All About Reels for Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has surged in popularity over the last few years, with an accompanying surge in “new and improved” equipment. Modern technology has provided new lighter, stronger materials for rods and reels to enhance the fishing experience. This sport is a game of timing and accuracy, so the gear must match the angler’s skill level. With so many different types and reels available, knowing which to choose can be difficult.

One way to overcome this difficulty is to arm yourself with knowledge. Do a little research; not only on fishing equipment, but also on the spot you’re going to fish. The type of fish dictates what type of fly fishing reel you’ll need, but so does the type of water. Once you understand those differences, you’ll need to match the reel to the fisherman, to the type of techniques that will be used.

Getting in on the Action

Fly fishing reels are either single action or automatic. Single action is the most common. This reel consists of a spool with a crank handle and a drag system.

Automatic fly reels have a catch mechanism which automatically reels the line. Automatic reels do not have a drag device.

What is Drag and Do I Need It?

If you’re going fly fishing for a steelhead or other large fish, drag can be a plus. Drag tightens the fishing line, making it more difficult for the fish to run. So, if you’re fighting a big fish, drag can make landing it easier.

Experienced anglers may prefer not to have drag, so they can experience the thrill of a big fish running with their line. Beginners, though, should consider incorporating a drag system as a helping hand. You don’t have to have a drag system, but they can be helpful.

Playing with the Line

The reel’s job is to store fishing line and to make that line accessible, described as the “play”. In fly fishing how easily the line plays out is very important. After all, the last thing you want is to have a reel with a sticky line. If you snag a big fish and it starts to run, you could damage your reel and/or rod, and most certainly will lose the catch.

What you want is a reel that lets out the line smoothly and winds it back in the same way. So, when you go to the sporting goods store to buy a reel, check how easily the line plays out.

Reel Construction

If you’re going after freshwater fish in a stream or small river, a lightweight graphite reel is a good choice. If, the water is brackish or saltwater, a reel made from corrode-resistant material, like stainless steel, is a better choice. These stainless steel reels can also be used for bigger fish.

No matter what type of reel you choose, you need to take care of it. Wipe it after each use and store it in a bag to protect against the elements and sharp objects in your tackle. Maintain the reel, and it you’ll enjoy many years of fishing.

Steps to Your Baby’s First Foods

The introduction of soft, solid food is an important stage in your baby’s development. It is an exciting and challenging time for you and your baby. Go at your baby’s pace as all children are different and progress at a different pace.

When to start:

Until 6 months of age, your baby needs only human milk or infant formula to grow and develop. However, around 6 months your child’s nutrient stores and requirements are no longer met by breast milk/ formula alone in particular for iron and zinc. You will need 6 Months Baby Food. Introducing solids can help to ensure your baby receives all the vitamins and minerals needed to grow and develop into a healthy child.

Step 1:

Around 6 months your baby may shows signs that he/she is ready for starting solids. These may include:

  • Wanting to put things in his/her mouth.
  • Able to suck small amounts of pureed food from a spoon.
  • Interested in food eaten by others.
  • More frequent feeding.
  • Can sit upright when supported with good control of the head and neck.

Solids can be introduced gradually. There is no need to force food – human milk or formula is still the most important part of the baby’s diet. At this stage solid foods are “tastes” for your baby.

Offer food between or after a milk feed. Start by using a firm plastic spoon with small shallow bowl.

The first solids need to be sloppy smooth in texture (i.e. no lumps) and mild in taste.

Baby rice cereal is an excellent first solid food because of its smooth texture and high iron content. Mix it with a little human milk, formula or cool, boiled water.

Pureed vegetable and fruit are also excellent

Start with one to two teaspoons of solids. Increase the quantity to two to three tablespoons, and then build up to three meals a day at your baby’s own pace.

Try one new food at a time and introduce a new food every 2-4 days adding onto their existing diet.


Small quantities of food can be frozen in ice cube trays or stored in airtight plastic bags and thawed as needed.

Step 2 (Around 7-8 months)

Once your baby is around eight months old and is eating baby-rice cereal and several different fruits and vegetables, try other foods with a higher protein and iron content with a thicker texture such as:

• Well cooked meats and poultry e.g. meat, chicken, fish

• Cooked egg

• Dried peas, lentils, beans eg baked beans, red kidney beans

• Wheat-based cereals (couscous, pasta, bread/toast) rolled oats, baby muesli, rice.

• Include at least 2-3 different food choices at each meal. Try to offer these separately, not always mixed together to allow you child to develop food preferences for different tastes.

NOTE: If your family has a strong history of allergies discuss this with your doctor.

Food Texture Changes

Between six to nine months of age babies begin to chew (even if they have no teeth). During this time it is important that the texture of foods changes from a smooth puree to a mashed texture with small, soft lumps and finally minced/finely chopped foods. Introducing minced and chopped foods encourages practice in chewing and biting lumpy foods, which helps develop baby’s speech.

Your baby will benefit from healthy eating at every stage of development – from childhood, when good nourishment is needed for rapid growth – to adulthood, when a well balanced diet can reduce the risk of many diet-related diseases. Now is the time to introduce life-long healthy eating habits.